Our Crew

This is our team, from all corners of the globe, from all walks of life, we are devoted professionals that have more than just haircuts to offer.

Gary Mckenzie & Chris Dunkley

Founders & Owners of Men+Co and Meddlers Salon

Both of these talented men are part of the Elite American Crew Education Team. They are International AllStar Educators which has allowed them to collaborate through photo and video shoots, travel and teach professional hairdressers and barbers all over the world. As the founders of Men+Co they strive to bring the highest quality in service and expectations to our clients. And top notch education to our staff from the top down.


Our General Manager of Men+Co and an American gypsy. Hails from the Oneida Indian Reservation in northern WI. Travelled the world for American Crew as an International AllStar for a decade and now calls Men+Co home. She has spent her entire career focusing on straight razor shaving; which is where she finds her zen flow.

Jon C.

Jon native Melbournian; deciding to change his career from accounting to barbering in order to follow is passion. A professional perfectionist, Jon meets and exceeds all our clients expectations as a well-rounded barber. Bring your inspiration and he can work with you to meet your goals. Tall, dark and handsome plus a super human to boot.

Miss Jo

Our pretty tattooed Pom. She offers mad barber skills plus beauty and brains. A dog whisper and animal lover. She will make you date worthy so you can be seen about town. A lovely barber and person.


Jackii aka Jax our in-house aerial yogi. She is passionate about all things barbering; a competitive barber judge, instructor and old school barber. She has won numerous awards for Men’s Hair in Australia and is a powerhouse of energy.

Mr. Joe

Joe is an innovative UK qualified barber. An experienced professional who excels in all forms of barbering and has recently joined the Men+Co Team here in Melbourne. Joe qualified in barbering and offers a range of cutting techniques. For a high quality trim, professional service, with a friendly smile and chat in the chair come and see Joe.

Jon G.

A native Tasmanian, a qualified and experienced barber who honed his skills on the mainland’s Gold Coast for the past few years. Now joins us to share his knowledge. Come into our City location to have him treat you to a Straight Razor Shave and see where his skills shine.

Want to join our team?

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