Straight Razor Shave

The Closest Straight Razor [Cut-throat] Shave in Melbourne

At Men+Co, we do the best straight razor shave that Melbourne has to offer.

The power of a close shave is intangible. It makes you look good and feel great. Your skin likes it and your lover does more. Once you’ve experienced the silky smooth sensation of a really good shave, there’s absolutely no way you can return to rushed home jobs that nick and cut only to leave you with red and rough inflamed skin.

Men+Co use the very best tools for our straight razor shaves, which means you’ll be left with a totally soft, clean face without any nasty irritations.

Our timeless cut throat shave techniques will bring the modern gentleman out of even the scruffiest of blokes.

Not only will you get a soft, smooth result, the shave will also last days longer than a normal job done in your bathroom, so if you tend to get a bit lazy on the grooming front, why not book in to see us once or twice a week? We’ll have you looking and feeling a million dollars day in and day out.

If you want a little added something, our lavish facial treatments perfectly compliment a close shave and will leave you feeling ah-mazing.

Let the team at Men+Co introduce you to proper pampering and become a truly smooth operator in your lunch break.

Book a cut throat shave via the online booking form or alternatively call us on (03) 9240 5331. 

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