As I sit in the restaurant and sip my fine red wine, tasting a delicious spread of Mexican greatness, it dawns on me that travelling solo can be an art form. It’s not for everyone, I have learnt a lot over the years of travelling for work. When you’re in a distant location and you choose to avoid the hotel room service option, you get the opportunity to meet so many new people. It can be quite amazing to get out there, wander around, and observe your surroundings.

People watching is by far a favourite past time for most, but when you find yourself in need of a meal or drink, there is no better way than to sit back and do it in style. From checking in to your hotel to making a reservation for a nice restaurant, it can take a little courage to get out there. When you’re greeted with “Just yourself?” or “Only one?” it can be little daunting, however, quite satisfying when you can simply go in, dine, drink and leave when you choose.

Laying by the pool or hanging out in a lobby by day or evening not so bad or tough, a simple smile could be all you need to show to grant a conversation with a stranger. Better yet, throw yourself in the deep end and book a 7 day luxury cruise on a super yacht with 22 others (couples) and then find out you’re the one that everyone wants to eat or hang out with simply because they find you interesting and courageous.

Heading out solo can be a little more challenging, try a festival in Croatia, it takes no time to sweet talk your bartender, or then your waitress… then in no time you have a crowd around you. Lots of fun can be made of this, but also safety is essential, letting your hotel know where you are going and also taking your phone so you can have the location mapped by your destination.

I often turn my lock codes off for if something ever happens people can access my information, but fortunately I always find my way home.

One of the hard things in this day and age, is to get off our digital devices and watch the world. I find myself questioning why is instagram so important, why can’t I Just relax and enjoy the world. Once you realise that your phone can aid your discomfort, but don’t let it ruin your night. Often a head down in the phone can result in missing opportunities meeting people.

Travelling solo has its perks — upgrades, better seats, no hassles, last minute bookings. But if you’re the person who needs to get out there and tends to get held back by others, I assure you a solo trip can make your personality that little bit sharper.